Princes of the Apocalypse

Game 5

As the creature faded away the party was left looking into a small room with a bronze throne with a skeleton sitting on it with a sword and shield nearby. As they moved in, Dimble ‘Badger’ Nyx hurried forward and grabbed the sword, as his hand touched the sword the sword itself leapt into the air and attacked the gnome of it’s own accord and was able to inflict some damage upon the small fellow before the rest of the party was able to leap forward and strike down the animated blade, rendering the areas safe but the blade useless. The party took stock of the room and found a few valuables including a sparkling new looking shield with the inlay of a dragon. After a few moral qualms the party decided they could use the things inside the tomb more than it’s current owner and took them with them.

As the party left the tomb, they were confronted by an odd looking pair of creatures at the entrance. A half human-half ogre and a goblin riding on his shoulders. The two seemed to have a hostile posture and they made a few statements suggesting they wanted to avoid a fight and were willing to do so in exchange for some of the treasure gained by the party inside the tomb. As Dimble moved forward to discussion terms an arrow flew by, narrowly missing the topmost spike of his hair and lodging solidly in the chest of the half-ogre. The party didn’t take long to realize that apparently Lady Siobhan Balindre of Thesk found the idea of negotiating with these two slightly disagreeable and a full fight broke out….but it was a short fight as the party quickly overwhelmed the two would be bandits and without missing all too many steps they continued out of the valley back towards red larch, discussing plans for where to proceed next. The talk centered around the late and growing alter delegation from the Northern city of Mirabar.

The party hurried back to Red Larch and as they strolled into town they found the town in it’s typical crossroads buzz, as they were passing the town bakery and considering getting some mushroom cheese bread, a loud noise followed by screams shook them into action as they took off at a run towards the sound of the disturbance. They came around the corner to find a large sinkhole had opened up along a well traveled section of town and it had swallowed a merchants wagon and as the party neared the party saw a few children crouching on the edge of a hole as a woman was trying to pull them away, the edging of the hole, clearly still unstable, gave way dumping four children and the woman into the hole as well.

As the came fully upon the scene the group secured a rope and quickly lowered themselves into the hole and tended to the needs of the townsfolk and managed to evacuate all five of them, as the last of them was lifted out of the hole the group realized they were actually in an unground chamber that seemed to be larger than a normal sink hole and much holder with a tunnel leading away to the north and a door leading off to the east. Dimble sent his trusty familiar up the tunnel to the north who returned with news of a very long and winding tunnel extending towards the surface. As the remainder of the group made their way down the rope they looked around the chamber and discovered that there were numerous cloaks and discarded torches outside the door. Shouts from above by some claiming to be town elder demanded the group leave the area immediately lest they disturb something that could cause harm to the town. Ignoring these warnings the group pushed past the door and moved out of the dirt chamber and into very old worked stone tunnels.

Sending Ragnar Eritan ahead as a scout the party followed quickly behind as reports were passed back of safe passage up to a split in the passage. A mixture of party scouting and the assistance of the mage’s familiar revealed that the party passage held a very hold privy to the south, a long tunnel to the east that had numerous groves cut into the ceiling with some type of iron lodged into the groves and a passage winding to the north. The group considered their options and decided, by a narrow margin, to continue to the north and quickly came up on a chamber with multiple bodies on the floor and numerous giant rats gnawing away at the bodies, tearing off large chunks of meat. The party decided they would handle this as they do most situations and attacked the creatures and after a quick but bloody battle the party was able to put down the creatures in an efficient manner. As they cleaned the rat guts off their weapons they looked over the bodies in the room and found they had been killed and mutilated with a strange symbol carved into their foreheads, the symbol had been cut so deep that it left cuts on the skull beneath.


The party decided they would handle the bodies on their way back and pushed forward down another corridor and weren’t walking long before they found another small chamber but this one came with a strange sight. They found a large slab of stone, 1 foot wide and 10 feet long floating in the air above the stone floor, apparently held by nothing from above or below.

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