Princes of the Apocalypse

Game 6

The party moved forward and through a variety of investigation methods of the floating stone were able to discover that the stone was being levitated and Dimble ‘Badger’ Nyx shared an interesting bit of information that in major cities they used these types of spells to create levitation fields to ease the labor of construction. Unaware if this was the case here and unable to determine anything further from the stone the party left the chamber down a corridor leading off to the south and as they approached a door with an iron pull ring at the end of the hall they heard Ogolavone Strongwalker call out from behind them that there were people approaching fast from behind. The party started to move back towards the room with the floating stone but before they could get back together six humans ran into the room and declared, “we are the bringers of woe, we have come to reward your curiosity” and four of them ran forward firing a shot from their bows before drawing melee weapons as the other two remained behind providing ranged support. The party hurried back into the room and began meeting their charge. One poor woe bringing was knocked flat and in the process sent the floating stone spinning out of it’s levitation field and crashing onto his head splattering everyone around in gore. His fellows fought all that much harder but their combined forces were not near enough to overcome the party. As their numbers dwindled they found themselves facing a very angry Oggey who in a fit of rage brought his massive maul around in a downward swing and managed to cut a woe bringer, not quite cleanly, in half… his woe.

After the party dispatched the six would be woe bringers they turned and headed back towards the door and after a quick check by Lady Siobhan Balindre of Thesk they pushed past the door into the room to find a recently reassembled (and held up with wooden frames) statue of a life like dwarf armored for battle in the middle of the room with a gravel circle formed on the ground around it. The statue had many tributes left at it’s feet, including a dagger that was quickly revealed to be magic, even if the statue itself was not. The party checked the area and afterward stepped over the line and collected all the tribute and claimed it as theirs, the magical dagger going to Siobhan.

The room had two doors leading off from the room, other than the one they came through to the north, one to the east and one to the west. The group considered their options and headed to the west and as they passed into an room of almost identical size they found a number of strange sites, including a pile of rubble with a stone menhir standing upright, in front of which was a small child of around ten years old, laying face down on the floor with stones placed on his arms and legs to keep him in place. Additionally the party found themselves facing a large guard in armor with a weapon of his own, he was standing in front of another door on the opposite side of the room, near a series of levers with chains extending into the ceiling above and peering through a peephole, down a long hallway.

The party split into two groups to handle the two situations quickly with Dimble ‘Badger’ Nyx, Lady Siobhan Balindre of Thesk, and Ragnar Eritan moving to confront the large guard and Mathius Niket, and Ogolavone Strongwalker moving to aid the child.

The guard approached the three intruders declaring them unwelcome and demanding they go around and approach through the tunnel on the other side of the door. He seemed to be growing increasingly hostile as they refused to leave and only through the subtle and skilled persuasions of Siobhan and Dimble were they able to defuse the situation and turn the large one, named Grund, from an enemy into a friend. He told them that he was supposed to guard this area and drop cages on top of any intruders who came down the hallway via the levers.

Meanwhile the other two helped the child up after removing the stones and were able to discover that his father had placed him here for failing to deliver a message to another member of a group in town called, “the believers” the child took all offers of food and drink, clearly indicating he had been down here for quite some time but the punishment seemed completely normal and just to the young man. The party decided they would leave the child and Grund in this room under the guard of Ragnar as they continued to explore the other door in the previous room.

The party moved back through the room with the dwarven statue and opened the door to find a corridor they extended only a short way before running into another door, sitting in front of the door they found an older human who was whittling a stick and minding his business. As the group moved forward he seemed utterly and completely shocked by their presence and quickly fell over himself begging the group to not harm him and to not disturb the “delvers” in the room beyond. He confessed that he and a number of others from the town above were using the moving stones beyond to divine the intention of a group of powerful spirits known as the, “Delvers” who were using the stones to tell them when they were doing the right or wrong things.

Despite the old man’s warnings the group pushed past him into the room beyond, where they found a large chamber cut from the rock with a great many stone slabs floating in various positions around the chamber and numerous skeletal bodies around the rooms outskirts. In the middle of the chamber sat a lighted lantern with the hood nearly completely dropped. As they moved forward, a figure moved in the shadowed declaring it to be bringing the wrath of the Delvers and began casting powerful magics. The battle between the man and the party turned out to be on where they did their best to keep up wit him as he moved around the floating stones and used them to provide him protection from them as he leapt out and hurled spell after spell at them, turning the ground into hostile ground as showers of rock and earth would explode from beneath their feet. At one point Dimble found himself face to face with the man and found him to be wearing robes made of many hundreds of small stone pieces that seemed to provide very solid protection from attacks, shortly after noticing this interesting fact the man charged him swinging a polearm and cutting a blood gash across Dimble’s chest sending him fleeing back towards the protection of his massive hammer wielding friend. As Dimble neared his friends the ground under their feet exploded again sending a rock crashing into his head and sending him into the sweet comfort of darkness as his blood ran out onto the floor and his friend were left very dazed and wounded. The party continued to push forward as Mathius tended to their small friend’s wounds and the powerful man backed away declaring himself willing to stop his attack if the party would stop theirs and negotiate terms. The party seemed unsure but indicated their willingness to listen.


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