Princes of the Apocalypse

Game 7

As the powerful man withdrew from the party he held his staff in a defensive posture and called out offering a truce to the part. The man offered to stop his attack on the party if they stopped their attack. The party offered to accept the man’s surrender if he threw down his staff and gave up and as the man shook his head in refusal the party attacked again. While they rushed forward a silvery mist surrounded the man and he disappeared from sight to appear thirty feet away, closer to the southeast corner of the room. The party moved as close as they could and released a barrage of projectiles trying to slow his retreat but the majority of the weapons were either knocked away or at the minimum their impact was softened by his robes made of stone tiles. As he turned to rush towards the apparently solid wall in the south east corner a high pitched but angry call came from behind everyone as a blazing beam of light shot forth from the diminutive Dimble ‘Badger’ Nyx’s wand and the beam struck the man in the back of the head, tearing a hole clean through, his next step faltered and he fell to his knees before falling to the stone.

The party brushed themselves off and investigated the room to find that the bones of the six corpses the Believers called, “The delvers” were centuries old bones of humans that had no magic powers. When the party investigated the corner the powerful man in stone robes was running towards they discovered a secret door and insides a tunnel rigged to collapse as an escape route. As they explored the tunnel they discovered it came up under the lesser quality wagon maker’s construction yard. The party then retreated and gathered up their charges, the child, the old man, and the half-orc and headed back for the sinkhole chamber. On the way out of the complex the party found, to their dismay, the three bodies that were being eaten by rats on their way in were gone. The party was able to have their charges evacuated from the hole and they followed the tunnel north out of that chamber to discover it originated in the stone quarry in the northern most party of Red Larch. The party turned over their three charges to Harburk Tuthmarillar who asked to question them immediately before speaking to the party before their shock wore off. The party agreed and headed to the Helm at Highsun and then Swinging Sword for a rest.

After a nice long night of rest and cleaning up the party headed over to the Helm at Highsun and as they sat down for breakfast they were met by Harburk. He spoke to them over their food and told them two of the three people they brought back from the Tomb of Delvers had made confessions but he warned them that in this small of a town he would have to do a thorough investigation prior to taking any action but assured them that he would be diligent and unwavering in seeking justice, no matter how long it took. In the mean time though he would like the party to look into the situation with the missing delegation from Mirabar. He told the party that many passers through and some townsfolk had been giving him information and he had compiled a list of what he considered to be creditable leads in hopes they would take up the task and look into the missing delegation. After the constable finished his conversation with them he headed back to his work and the party discussed all their leads and decided to go talk to Endrith Vallivoe about a book he recently purchased that was written in dwarvish and made of incredibly valuable materials and very well made. He told them he bought it from a peddler who said he bought it from a keelboat captain in Womford and offered to sell it to them. The party asked to borrow the book but promised to return it in good condition, and with some hesitation he agreed. Ogolavone Strongwalker was able to translate the book and informed the rest of the party that the book was a very detailed genealogical record of the noble families of the city of Mirabar going back hundreds of years.

The party decided they would investigate this lead over the others but on their way they asked a local shepherd, Larmon Greenboot, to show them the fresh graves that he had told the constable about. After gathering a few supplies the party hurried out of town following the shepherd’s lead, after a few hours of walking through the hilly territory of the Summit Hills. The party came upon a small hill and were lead to the top to find four graves piled with rocks and a pile of dirt nearby from the graves. Larmon told the party that he they weren’t here a few tendays ago when he left Red Larch but they were here on his way back in the last few days. The party decided to send Larmon off before digging up the graves.

After digging up the graves they found a dwarven craftsman, a blacksmith, from Mirabar and human female from Mirabar who appeared to be a guard. They also found a warrior in strange looking stony plate armor buried alongside a warrior in armor with feathers and leather. All four had been killed by either crushing blows or ranged weapons. As the party reburied the bodies they looked around the area and spotted a spire a short distance to the north. The party decided to go look into the spire they saw before continuing on to Womford. After some arduous climbing around a gorge the party came to the top of the plateau and came into sight of the spire of glistening white.


There appeared to be an hour before sundown as the party approached the spire noticing the drawbridge was raised but also noticed there was a wooden post with a brass bell on it, which the party rang loudly. A woman leaned out a window near the drawbridge and asked the party what their intentions were. The party had a short exchange where they party requested entrance and promised they meant no harm. The drawbridge was lowered and the party stepped inside to see…..some interesting gate defenses. The gate guard introduced herself as Savra Belabranta and she escorted the party to the top of the spire where they met the commander of the spire, known as Feathergale Spire, and commander of this group of Feathergale Knights Thurl Merkosska.

Commander Merkosska Invited the party to attend a feast that was already scheduled a few hours after sundown to celebrate the ten year anniversary of the Knights founding.

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