Princes of the Apocalypse

Game One

The party entered the crossroads town of Red Larch early in the day and made a decision to secure accommodations before moving around the town and headed straight for the town’s primary inn, The Swinging Sword. While on their way Lady Siobhan Balindre of Thesk noticed some young ladies talking of a bath house and quickly became side tracked with the idea of a hot bath out here in the frontier and became separated from the rest of the group.

As the group entered the inn they met the proprietor Kaylessa Irkell who told the group that she could provide rooms but no substantial food and directed them across the street to the tavern known was, “The Helm at Highsun.” The good hearted cleric Mathius Niket told his friends he would handle the rooms and the rest of the group headed over to the tavern and were quickly seated and joined shortly there after by Mathius, after having secured their rooms. The party each placed their order and were quickly entertained by the antics of one Dimble ‘Badger’ Nyx who challenged Ragnar Eritan to a drinking match but with a few wiggled fingers he easily found himself at an advantage against the ever wobbly elf. With a good chuckle the gnome paid the elf his rightfully earned wagered gold and the party continued eating as Lady Siobhan, freshly cleaned and perfumed joined them. As they finished their dinner a grouchy halfling in the gear of a craftsman stumbled and knocked a mug to the ground sending shards ashew and cursing the party for clumsy and spitting in their direction before storming off. In a very polite and tactful manner Ogolavone Strongwalker sent a different mug sailing towards the back of the crude small creatures head, as the mug spun end over end the finger of Lady Siobhan grazed it as she attempted to stop it but in turn slightly altered it’s trajectory and sending it crashing into a waitress throwing her to the floor. Mathius ran to aid the fallen women while the halfling sneered and made his way out of the inn. At the same time a drunk Half-Orc Zomith started becoming belligerent towards the fallen woman and the Helm’s owner ran over and thanked Mathius for aiding his waitress and directed the guards to town Zomith to the jail, presuming her the culprit of the confrontation. As thanks the barkeep promised the entire party free food for a ten-day in return for the clerics kindness and assistance.

After this exciting event the party split up to go their own way and to explore the town a bit, after which they returned to the inn and were set upon by Kaylessa who inquired on the capabilities of the party. After being reassured she requested they inquire to a nearby location that, she suspected was the source of recent troubles in Red Larch, such as increase in monsters, banditry, and unusual weather disturbances and weather patterns. The party, after negotiating free rooms and a few more coins agreed to head off in that direction in the morning.

As the sun dawned the party found themselves on the road heading west according to the directions of the innkeeper and after being warned away by multiple signs stating that the place known as, “Lance Rock” was infected by a plague according to it’s “Lord” the party pushed into a cave at the base of the giant menhier and found a body right inside the entrance….while attempting to inspect the corpse for it’s cause of death it jerked into undeath and attempted to attack the party but was quickly put down. After looking deeper into the creature they found that it had been raised by some sort of necromancy magic and pushed deeper into the cave and through a good deal of skill Ragnar Eritan was able to discover some more zombies standing above the passage holding a large box of rocks, intending to to dump it onto invaders. With a quick discussion of tactics the party leapt into action and skillfully dodged the avalanche of stone and as the undead creatures, four in total, shuffled down from their perch and set upon the party they threw themselves back at the creatures with equal fury. As the tiny Badger’s stinging firebolts sizzled in and the hammer of the mighty Ogolavone came crashing down they struck all four zombies down and turned to gather themselves and looked to the left and right as they began lighting torches and trying to determine which passage would lead to this self proclaimed , “Lord of Lance Rock” who had……quite a good deal to answer for.


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