Princes of the Apocalypse

Game Three

After taking a short breath to look at their tactics against the vile necromancers so far the party adjusted their approach to the battle and the party began surging forward to come face to face with the enemy. As the powerful Ogolavone Strongwalker brought his massive hammer down and crumpled the zombie and stepped over his rotting corpse bringing his hammer back up at the ready. At his side Mathius Niket stepped forward and thrust out his holy symbol of the god Illmater and channeled the divine energy of his god to send waves of energy outward towards the minions of the necromancer and as the waves washed over them it greatly weakened their connection to their master and sent three of the four skeletons fleeing away from raw power on display.

With his zombie destroyed and his skeletons turned the necromancer turned and fled from the party as the tide of battle turned against him sending his last remaining minion, a skeleton, to impede the group as best it could.Before turning to flee the Lord of Lance Rock released one last powerful blast out of his wand and dropped Ragnar Eritan to the cold stone with many burn marks marring his chest, with that last action he quickly slipped around the corner out of sight. Mathius Niket was quick to step up and pour a potion down the throat of his fallen companion and helped him to his feet just the party took hammer and blade to the last remaining minion of the necromancer and gave chase with the owl familiar of Dimble ‘Badger’ Nyx giving chase and providing sight and information to the party of what lay ahead, the Lord of Lance Rock fled to a circular chamber with the group right on his tail.

With his great speed Ragnar was able to not only catch up to the group but pass them by and he was the first to reach the chamber of the necromancer, as he sped into the room with his blade bared he heard arcane words and saw a hand pointing at him and felt the insidious magic of the Lord infest his mine and turn things he knew to be true upside down as a crown of madness appeared above his head.

As the rest of the party entered the chamber Ragnar suddenly realized the wizards magic had helped him realize they were the true enemies and he turned his blade and fists upon his Goliath companion. Thankfully Ogolavone Strongwalker was able to leap back and dodge the blows from his friend before the rest of the party rushed in and threw their entire might at the necromancer and as arrow, spell, and blade pounded home the Lord of Lance Rock found himself…..deposed. As he fell the stone the crown above Ragnar’s head faded as his reality returned to him and from behind them the party heard the animated skeletons collapsed into inert piles.

As the party looked around and searched the room they found the wand of the necromancer and assorted stacks of coins in hidden alcoves behind tapestries. In the middle of the lord’s chamber they found a pedastol made of severed arms holding a floating globe and above the globe they found a strange symbol floating in the air.


The party began to discussion the orb and the potential dangerous of it with Mathius Niket urging caution against such items yet admitting he was unaware of it’s direct religious affiliation. As the party discussion this situation they failed to give adequate supervision to their companion Dimble ‘Badger’ Nyx who quickly ran up and grabbed the orb while they other discussed it. The orb stopped floating and fell into his hand as the image vanished. The body of the now dead necromancer jerked and spasmed as the words poured out of his corpse intoning, “Don’t you see it? The eye? Do you not fear it?” With these words torn from the body the necromancer’s body burst into purplish black flames and consumed his remains entirely and left the room cold and dark.

Despite this horrid display the party was so hurt and exhausted they decided to rest in this chamber for the night and recouperate themselves before heading back to red larch. They set watches after gathering all the valuables they could find and those not on watch sunk into a well earned slumber.

The sun rose to find the party traveling back towards Red Larch talking of their expedition and subsequent deposement of the Lord of Lance Rock. Upon the road they encountered a caravan of druids with two wagons. They greeted the party politely and said they were on their way to a druidic festival called, “The Rite of the Wicker Giant.” They declined to be able to provide an invite for the party to the rite but promised to inform the head druids of their interested and where the party could be found should they desire to provide an invitation.

The party reentered Red Larch and sent Lady Siobhan Balindre of Thesk straightaway to selling their goods, with her lady like charm Siobhan was able to negotiate a better price for their found goods. After gathering their reward from Kaylessa Irkell the party went their separate ways around town for their own reasons but gathered back in the village tavern Helm at Highsun for dinner. The talk of the town seemed to center around a delegation due in from the great city of Mirabar in the north. They were recently reported in the nearby town of Westbridge and reports that they had arrived in Beliard and would be due in town here soon. There was a great deal of excitement for the dwarven historian traveling with the caravan and for the dwarven crafted wares to be available in the market before continuing onward to Waterdeep.

After finishing their dinner the party was told that the town constable Harburk Tuthmarillar had been in looking for them about a possible job. The party gathered their belongings and headed to the butcher/town constable office to meet with the man. After a short conversation the town law leader told the party there were reports of a group of bandits attempting waylay small caravans on the round and offered the party 50gp to investigate because he lacked the means to do on his own but he promised 100gp if they found and resolved whatever the issue was that had so many travelers complaining. With this new job accepted the party headed back to the Swinging Sword and took a long nights rest before planning to head out the next morning.

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