Princes of the Apocalypse

Game Two

As the last zombie from the ambush fell to the stone, the party took stock of their surroundings and realizing that the passage out of this chamber lead off to the left and to the right. After a quick look around and discerning that the “stains” on the large rock were blood the group decided to head off towards the left and starts making their way down a narrow stone corridor that showed signs of blood on the occasional spur that stuck out from the wall. Nearly a hundred feet down the party found themselves looking upon a very odd scene indeed where three zombies acted out a play or dance…..or both in the costumes of a bear, jester, and highborn lady.

The party decided to employ illusion magic to determine the strange displays intention, with Dimble ‘Badger’ Nyx creating an image of himself in the room, immediately after it appears the zombie’s continued their dance but they did so in a manner that allowed them to get closer to the illusion and when they were close enough they attacked the illusion, at which point the party tore into the zombies from behind and quickly reduced them to heaps of crushed corpse. As the party investigated the chamber, they hear noises from one of two passages. After as VERY cautious moving through the passage leading up they found two large iron bound chests in a small chamber and the party agreed it would be better to send in Ogolavone Strongwalker to open the chests. When he stepped into the room a high pitched voice called out warning of the dangerous of doing battle with, “The Lord of Lance Rock” and pulled a level sending a large collect of rocks down onto the massive Goliath causing some damage but with some agility the barbarian managed to avoid the majority of the rocks as the voice cackled and retreated from a peephole in the wall.

The party hurried back into the previous chamber and left via the only other exit to the chamber they could find and soon found themselves in a very large and well lit chamber with three stone, “tables” which had bodies on them that were in various stages of being reassembled. Again the party decided to employ illusion magic to attempt to draw out any hostile creatures, multiple hands clawed crawled out of baskets and attacked the illusion, the party charged forward and destroyed the hands in rapid succession, leaving Ragnar Eritan covered in gore. The party moved forward and found themselves facing the Lord himself and five of his undead minions, he seemed to be waving some sort of wand that fired missiles of magical energy. The party attempted to hang back and use their ranged weapons to widdle down the forces of the Lord of Lance Rock but it didn’t take long for them to realize this approach would end in their bodies joining his army and the group began pushing forward with the intention of taking the fight directly to the evil necromancer.

Game Video


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