Dimble 'Badger' Nyx

A Curious and Prankful Forest Gnome Wizard


Dimble ‘Badger’ Nyx is diminutive, even by gnome-ish standards. He stands a hair under 3 feet tall and weights in the range of 40 pounds. His blonde hair seems to have a mind of its own, growing in all directions. The pint-sized wizard absentmindedly twists whisps of hair into spikes when he studies his spellbook.

The gnome, of course, is never without Foofaraw, his pet squirrel. It rides on his shoulder unless it is out, foraging for nuts or acorns. Strangely enough, you’ve seen him talking out loud to Foofaraw. Even stranger, you think it might actually understand him.

Hung over each shoulder is a book-sling, allowing the wizard to quickly access his books. The belt around his waist holds something akin to a tree-twig that acts as his wand. Lastly, the gnome is never without his walking stick, which doubles as his staff when necessary.


“So… what do I call you?”

“Oh. Oh. Oh. I know,” the diminutive person in front of you replies excitedly. “One day, you can call me Dimble. The next day, you can call me Badger. Then after that, you can call me Nyx! Then, we could just repeat that. Yes.” He then waves his hand around while thinking for a moment, then he says, “Wait! We could go in the reverse order. Nyx. Dimble. Badger. That would be fun! Yes. Yes! That would work.” He now beams at you with a child-like gleeful smile, waiting for your approval.

Nothing better sums up your companion than that first interaction.

Sporadic. Impulsive. Ecstatic. Nature-loving. In the short time that you have known him, it seems that Dimble ‘Badger’ Nyx is on a race to live life to its fullest. He seems to have no inhibition in meeting people. He speaks the first thing that comes to his mind. His curiosity often leads him to touching things that aren’t his. All this can get him in a mess with others. Despite his annoyances and penchant for getting into trouble, he is fiercely loyal, perpetually positive and good hearted.

As far as his past, the forest gnome has been relatively open. It seems he is from a forest gnome burrow somewhere in the south reaches of the High Forest. He apparently was saved from some unknown danger one day when he was saved by a human wizard that lived nearby. To repay his debt of thanks, he agreed to serve the wizard in his tower. Over the years, their friendship apparently grew. The wizard started teaching him how to cast magic. Further questions about the wizard, however, have so far resulted in the gnome growing somber and quickly changing the subject.

Dimble 'Badger' Nyx

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