Ragnar Eritan

Ragnar the Monk


Very tall for an Elf at 6’3" as his father was well known for being the tallest and strongest elf in the land. Although not as strong as his father his more slender frame, about 190 pounds, made him extremely nimble. Ragnar shaves is head bald and uses a short sword.


Ragnar’s father being Nofil Eritan the great protector of the southern wood elves, Ragnar was well known for being next in line for leadership. With great lineage comes the possibility of jealousy and treachery. Members of the Drow heard of Ragnar’s ascension and devised a plan to kidnap Ragnar and train him to do their bidding. The Drow kept Ragnar in solitude for 60 years while only allowing him to train. The Drow had promised Ragnar everything he wanted after pledging his allegiance to the Drow. Over the past 20 years of captivity Ragnar had grown so agile that no member of the Drow was able to lay a finger on Ragnar in hand to hand combat.

After 60 years of solitude the Drow decided his loyalty was unwavering and needed to find a way to rid themselves of Ragnar. They decided death by arrow was in order as no member of the Drow wanted to get within reach of Ragnar. What the Drow did not know was that Ragnar had gone through extensive training with his father on defensive arrow tactics. As ten members of the Drow lined up and shot, Ragnar was able to maneuver in such a way that the first pass of arrows actually struck mostly his restrains freeing him. On the second and third pass of arrows he was able to catch and fire back four arrows killing four of the Drow while also being hit by two arrows. Half of the Drow fled in terror whereas the other members of the Drow gave chase to Ragnar through the woods. Ragnar’s speed and agility were no match for the Drow as Ragnar was able to escape although heavily wounded. Ragnar ran for as long as he could before losing consciousness from blood loss while scaling down a small mountain. Not only did Ragnar sustain heavy wounds from the arrows he also sustained multiple contusions to the head while falling down the mountain.

Luckily a family found him and was able to stop the bleeding before Ragnar perished. Ragnar was in such bad shape that he awoke 2 months later in the families home and could barely remember his name. Ragnar spent the next 4 months recovering in the families home and helping in any way he could. After being nursed back to health Ragnar knew he needed to pick the life of an adventurer if he was to ever remember his past. News came of a city called Waterdeep attempting to reclaim an old library that had fallen into disrepair. Ragnar decided it was time to thank the family for everything they had done for him and start on his journey.

Ragnar Eritan

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