Ogolavone Strongwalker

Ogolavone is a very tall and aggressive man with a kind heart. He uses his passion for battle to only harm those who deserve it. He loves a good hot meal and he loves his wine, sometimes too much. He gets greatly upset when disturbed when he is famished.


Ililok Leadfoot Strongwalker was a harsh, unreasonable, and unrelenting chieftain and father to three equally strongwilled men, two of which seemed to take after him more than the third. The two brothers worked hard to follow in the father’s footsteps while the third, Ogolavone, seemed to have a softer heart but all of the skill and passion for fighting as his family.

Growing up he was the best at fighting and racing in his entire tribe, he often far outdid his brothers and the rest of the tribe in any and all events held but unlike his brothers he didn’t seek out conflict outside of the games unless it was forced upon him. He prefers to live the life of a simple man as opposed to the role his family would have him play.

Despite being the youngest of his brothers, his father saw his potential and pushed him unrelentingly towards being the next chieftain despite Ogolavone not wanting that life. As the day of decision grew closer Ogolavone decided he would leave the tribe and find his own way in life. After an intense conversation with his father Ogolavone and father came to the understanding that Ogolavone would strike out on his own for the time being but his father made clear that he has high hopes for Ogolavones return to the tribe to take his rightful place as the next chieftain. Ogolavone then took his few possessions and headed down out of the mountains towards human city of Waterdeep to find his own path in life, no matter where it may lead him. :)


Ogolavone Strongwalker

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