Lady Siobhan Balindre of Thesk


She is short at 5’2". She is extremely slender at 115 lbs. She has very dark brown hair and an extremely beautiful face.


She was born on her fathers Duchy east of Phsant in Thesk. She is the direct descendant of the first King of Thesk, King Windyn Balindre. Her father, who was always aware of the danger that surrounded any Noble near the plains always had Bodyguards for every member of his family. Siobhan’s bodyguard taught her how to protect herself, so as not to have to rely on others for protection, no matter how lucky she is. Her luck was almost legendary with the Duchy. When she was 3 a horse broke free of its guide rope and seemed to trample the young girl. When the dust cleared she was sitting under the horse without a mark on her. This was one of numerous examples of her luck. She is extremely persuasive and charismatic, she overheard a servant telling another that Siobhan could “talk the birds from the trees”. When her father died, when she was 16, her brother became the Duke.

When she turned 18 she left her brothers realm to escape from her brothers wife, who believed that Siobhan’s brother listened to much to Siobhan and not enough to her. The current Duchess tried to assassinate her more than once. The first time the Duchess poisoned a glass of wine the served it to Siobhan, as luck would have it her arm was jostled by a minor Noble, spilling some wine on the floor. A dog lapped up the spilled wine and started choking, dying almost instantly. The second attempt was more direct, a knife in the back this time. As the assassin came upon her, dressed as servent, he tripped over the carpet stumbling. Hearing the Siobhan spun around to see the Dagger plunging downward. The dagger hit the diamond necklace worn by Siobhan, snapping the blade at the hilt. Siobhan quickly pulled out a concealed dagger and slammed it into his temple, killing him instantly. Her brother fearing a confrontation between his wife and sister, thereby having to kill his own sister as a traitor, made sure she was well equipped as she left.

It has been 2 years since she departed her home…

Lady Siobhan Balindre of Thesk

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