Princes of the Apocalypse

Pre-game Story

While in Waterdeep the party were hired by a city representative, you were told that the city was attempting to reclaim an old library that had fallen into disrepair after around a century ago during some magical plague of some sort that did great damage to the arcane community in the city and across the world. The party was being sent in to clear out any……undesirables prior to the city sending it clean up crews, organizers, and libraries to being the process of cataloging everything.

The party were escorted to the building and sent inside and the doors closed and locked behind them. As the party explored the area they found the library was in much worse shape than the word, “disrepair” had originally conveyed but they proceeded to move row to row and room to room attempting to find if anything had begun inhabiting the building since it’s last civilized usage. All was quiet until the party reached the 2nd level basement, where they party found the floor had become home to a family of Dust Mephits, who had likely destroyed thousands and thousands of hours of work to form their nest. After weeding through the mess and fighting off the pesky creatures they party was able to reclaim the main room sending the creatures fleeing to the far ends of the floor.

The party devised a plan to block the only route up to the rest of the library and then began moving room to room and clearing out the entire Mephit community over the course of many hours (with the occasional hour break here or there to recuperate). After searching the entire floor twice to ensure the pesky creatures didn’t have any hiding places they had missed the party returned to the main entrance and informed their employer that they had accomplished their mission. After having a trio of guards verify their work, each member was paid 100gp each.

Afterward the party returned as a group to a local inn where they all sat down to discuss their recent work and to decide if they wanted to go their own ways or if this partnership should be taken further. After all the food was eaten and the laughs at the Dust Mephit’s antics were exhausted Lady Siobhan Balindre of Thesk informed the party she had gotten into a ludicrous tug of war with a particularly stubborn Mephit over a very old looking scroll case while moving through one cluttered room and after she had killed the creature she had discovered the case held a map to a nearby area less than a tenday walk from Waterdeep called the Sumber Hills and that the map seemed to suggest there was an ancient dwarven stronghold beneath those hills called, “Tyar-Besil.”

After some discussions the party agreed they could head out there to at least take a look to see if they map was worth anything and if not they could go their separate ways from that point since it was along the main trading route known as the “Long Road” and could basically go anywhere from there.

As our story begins the party will be entering a small town called Red Larch along the “Long Road” that is a very common stop for caravans going up and down the trade way.


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