Princes of the Apocalypse

Game 4

After a good nights rest at the swinging sword the party gathered their gear and headed back out of town, this time heading to the east in search of information to support or refute the existence of bandits along the Cairn Road. They traveled a few hours to the spot marked on their map by the town constable Harburk Tuthmarillar and began searching the area. Almost immediately Ogolavone Strongwalker was able to find some signs of two or three humanoids camping in the brush alongside the trail, apparently for long periods. After checking the area for additional signs the party discovered a trail leading away from this observation area and deeper into the wilds. The party quickly discussed their options before plunging into the wilds in search of the owners of the footprints. After traveling about an hour to and hour and a half they discovered a duo of building foundations from some long forgotten building. Everyone huddled in one of the foundations and looked on towards another foundation encircling a fire up on a small rise. Ragnar Eritan moved forward to scout the area as the rest of the group stayed back and prepared themselves for anything. It is Ragnar so one can never be sure how things will go. After scouting ahead Ragnar was discovered four human’s around a fire and a large wooden cage holding a juvenile black bear, it didn’t take long while watching from the shadows for Ragnar to see this group was definitely not friendly as they mistreated the poor animal and the clearly large collection of mismatched goods stashed within their camp. In response to this conclusion Ragnar rushed forward and began attacking the closest of the four with his sword and knee alike. The rest of the party rushed forward in response to Rgarnar’s clear hostility towards the group. In short order the party using their element of surprise and their tactics killed three of the four bandits, as they wounded the fourth the black bear itself tore free of the wooden cage as the battle inspired it to further blood rage and tore into the sole remaining human, crushing his knee and eventually dragging his body off into the woods….a late night snack for the journey home perhaps. No one in the party decided to object to the bears, “to go bag.”

As the group began taking stock of the supplies that were stocked up in the hideout clouds quickly began to form overhead and in short order a heavy rain began falling as peels of thunder and flashes of lightning tore across the sky. The party quickly used all available supplies to construct a lean-to in order to stay drug. Ogolavone Strongwalker was kind and gentlemanly enough to offer to share a private tent with Lady Siobhan Balindre of Thesk but Siobhan politely declined the offer as the heavy rain turned into a hammering storm that was unforeseeable only hours ago. It didn’t take long for the storm to blow itself out and faded away as the clouds seemed to dissipate rather than move off, leaving a starry sky for the party to sleep under. After a restful…but wet night the group searched the area before heading back to Red Larch.

As the group reentered the town they saw the constable talking to some townsfolk about the sudden storm yesterday but he broke away to talk to the group and after hearing their story and paying them for their service he told the party that a local was looking for someone to look into something for her, a local poultry producer named Minthra “Minny” Mhandyvver and he also said that he had heard rumors of people talking about having found the location of a long lost treasure nearby. Expressing his thanks again the constable headed off to do his rounds before getting back to the butcher’s business. After having lunch and attempting to catch anyone with knowledge of this treasure the party headed over to ask Minny about this potential job. After squeezing through her ramshackle shop and waiting for her to shoo off her children and grand children the party discussed the situation and discovered that Minny’s granddaughter Pell had been playing a few hours outside of town in the foothills to the north east with some friends and she claims they were all scared off by a, “Ghost.” Minny told the group that she couldn’t afford to pay them if they wanted to look in it but assured they she could provide them a good deal of free food…even offering to provide “raw chickens” for the big fella Ogolavone Strongwalker. The group agreed to look into the report and headed their own ways after agreeing to meet up for dinner and attempt to learn more information about this supposedly recently discovered treasure. The party made one more good attempt to find any information that would support this rumor of a recently found treasure but to no avail, the only talk in the Helm at Highsun was in regards to either the freak storm the night before or the late but still exciting arrival expected in town of the caravan from Mirrabar that was supposedly bringing a good deal of rarely seen goods to teh town on it’s way to Waterdeep. Before leaving though, Siobhan did pay a serving lady to keep her ears open, promising more money for such information. With that done the group headed up for the night and gathered the next morning before heading out to look into this tomb.

After traveling north east for a few hours the party found some of the signs that had been described by Pell. They found a path that was choked with weeds and overgrowth leading down into a valley. At the bottom they found a small clearing about two hundred feet across. At the far end of the valley they could see some well weathered stairs leading up to a ten foot wide hallway that extended into the hill side. The group moved up the stairs and into the hall with Ragnar Eritan at the lead, they found a set of double doors standing ajar and tried to slip inside….by doing so they disturbed a trip wire that dumped a great deal of metal shards onto the floor creating a loud clattering noise that echoed through the tomb and the surrounding area.

The group shrugged this off and moved deeper into the tomb where they found two rows of sarcophagi with six in total on their left and right and a large iron door on the far opposite of the room. One by one the party moved from sarcophagi to sarcophagi and opened them and after inspecting the inside of each they took a moment to crush the skull of the body within. After completing this morbid behavior they moved to the door and with some effort Ogolavone Strongwalker pulled open the door. As the door swung open the group could see a bronze throne in a small room behind the door. As the group looked on the air shimmered and a ghostly creature formed in front of them and offered them entry or battle depending on their ability to answer the following riddle:

What falls but does not break, what breaks but does not fall?

The party provided their answer as the creature faded back into nothingness.

Game 4-1
Game 4-2

Game Three

After taking a short breath to look at their tactics against the vile necromancers so far the party adjusted their approach to the battle and the party began surging forward to come face to face with the enemy. As the powerful Ogolavone Strongwalker brought his massive hammer down and crumpled the zombie and stepped over his rotting corpse bringing his hammer back up at the ready. At his side Mathius Niket stepped forward and thrust out his holy symbol of the god Illmater and channeled the divine energy of his god to send waves of energy outward towards the minions of the necromancer and as the waves washed over them it greatly weakened their connection to their master and sent three of the four skeletons fleeing away from raw power on display.

With his zombie destroyed and his skeletons turned the necromancer turned and fled from the party as the tide of battle turned against him sending his last remaining minion, a skeleton, to impede the group as best it could.Before turning to flee the Lord of Lance Rock released one last powerful blast out of his wand and dropped Ragnar Eritan to the cold stone with many burn marks marring his chest, with that last action he quickly slipped around the corner out of sight. Mathius Niket was quick to step up and pour a potion down the throat of his fallen companion and helped him to his feet just the party took hammer and blade to the last remaining minion of the necromancer and gave chase with the owl familiar of Dimble ‘Badger’ Nyx giving chase and providing sight and information to the party of what lay ahead, the Lord of Lance Rock fled to a circular chamber with the group right on his tail.

With his great speed Ragnar was able to not only catch up to the group but pass them by and he was the first to reach the chamber of the necromancer, as he sped into the room with his blade bared he heard arcane words and saw a hand pointing at him and felt the insidious magic of the Lord infest his mine and turn things he knew to be true upside down as a crown of madness appeared above his head.

As the rest of the party entered the chamber Ragnar suddenly realized the wizards magic had helped him realize they were the true enemies and he turned his blade and fists upon his Goliath companion. Thankfully Ogolavone Strongwalker was able to leap back and dodge the blows from his friend before the rest of the party rushed in and threw their entire might at the necromancer and as arrow, spell, and blade pounded home the Lord of Lance Rock found himself…..deposed. As he fell the stone the crown above Ragnar’s head faded as his reality returned to him and from behind them the party heard the animated skeletons collapsed into inert piles.

As the party looked around and searched the room they found the wand of the necromancer and assorted stacks of coins in hidden alcoves behind tapestries. In the middle of the lord’s chamber they found a pedastol made of severed arms holding a floating globe and above the globe they found a strange symbol floating in the air.


The party began to discussion the orb and the potential dangerous of it with Mathius Niket urging caution against such items yet admitting he was unaware of it’s direct religious affiliation. As the party discussion this situation they failed to give adequate supervision to their companion Dimble ‘Badger’ Nyx who quickly ran up and grabbed the orb while they other discussed it. The orb stopped floating and fell into his hand as the image vanished. The body of the now dead necromancer jerked and spasmed as the words poured out of his corpse intoning, “Don’t you see it? The eye? Do you not fear it?” With these words torn from the body the necromancer’s body burst into purplish black flames and consumed his remains entirely and left the room cold and dark.

Despite this horrid display the party was so hurt and exhausted they decided to rest in this chamber for the night and recouperate themselves before heading back to red larch. They set watches after gathering all the valuables they could find and those not on watch sunk into a well earned slumber.

The sun rose to find the party traveling back towards Red Larch talking of their expedition and subsequent deposement of the Lord of Lance Rock. Upon the road they encountered a caravan of druids with two wagons. They greeted the party politely and said they were on their way to a druidic festival called, “The Rite of the Wicker Giant.” They declined to be able to provide an invite for the party to the rite but promised to inform the head druids of their interested and where the party could be found should they desire to provide an invitation.

The party reentered Red Larch and sent Lady Siobhan Balindre of Thesk straightaway to selling their goods, with her lady like charm Siobhan was able to negotiate a better price for their found goods. After gathering their reward from Kaylessa Irkell the party went their separate ways around town for their own reasons but gathered back in the village tavern Helm at Highsun for dinner. The talk of the town seemed to center around a delegation due in from the great city of Mirabar in the north. They were recently reported in the nearby town of Westbridge and reports that they had arrived in Beliard and would be due in town here soon. There was a great deal of excitement for the dwarven historian traveling with the caravan and for the dwarven crafted wares to be available in the market before continuing onward to Waterdeep.

After finishing their dinner the party was told that the town constable Harburk Tuthmarillar had been in looking for them about a possible job. The party gathered their belongings and headed to the butcher/town constable office to meet with the man. After a short conversation the town law leader told the party there were reports of a group of bandits attempting waylay small caravans on the round and offered the party 50gp to investigate because he lacked the means to do on his own but he promised 100gp if they found and resolved whatever the issue was that had so many travelers complaining. With this new job accepted the party headed back to the Swinging Sword and took a long nights rest before planning to head out the next morning.

Game Three Video

Game Two

As the last zombie from the ambush fell to the stone, the party took stock of their surroundings and realizing that the passage out of this chamber lead off to the left and to the right. After a quick look around and discerning that the “stains” on the large rock were blood the group decided to head off towards the left and starts making their way down a narrow stone corridor that showed signs of blood on the occasional spur that stuck out from the wall. Nearly a hundred feet down the party found themselves looking upon a very odd scene indeed where three zombies acted out a play or dance…..or both in the costumes of a bear, jester, and highborn lady.

The party decided to employ illusion magic to determine the strange displays intention, with Dimble ‘Badger’ Nyx creating an image of himself in the room, immediately after it appears the zombie’s continued their dance but they did so in a manner that allowed them to get closer to the illusion and when they were close enough they attacked the illusion, at which point the party tore into the zombies from behind and quickly reduced them to heaps of crushed corpse. As the party investigated the chamber, they hear noises from one of two passages. After as VERY cautious moving through the passage leading up they found two large iron bound chests in a small chamber and the party agreed it would be better to send in Ogolavone Strongwalker to open the chests. When he stepped into the room a high pitched voice called out warning of the dangerous of doing battle with, “The Lord of Lance Rock” and pulled a level sending a large collect of rocks down onto the massive Goliath causing some damage but with some agility the barbarian managed to avoid the majority of the rocks as the voice cackled and retreated from a peephole in the wall.

The party hurried back into the previous chamber and left via the only other exit to the chamber they could find and soon found themselves in a very large and well lit chamber with three stone, “tables” which had bodies on them that were in various stages of being reassembled. Again the party decided to employ illusion magic to attempt to draw out any hostile creatures, multiple hands clawed crawled out of baskets and attacked the illusion, the party charged forward and destroyed the hands in rapid succession, leaving Ragnar Eritan covered in gore. The party moved forward and found themselves facing the Lord himself and five of his undead minions, he seemed to be waving some sort of wand that fired missiles of magical energy. The party attempted to hang back and use their ranged weapons to widdle down the forces of the Lord of Lance Rock but it didn’t take long for them to realize this approach would end in their bodies joining his army and the group began pushing forward with the intention of taking the fight directly to the evil necromancer.

Game Video

Game One

The party entered the crossroads town of Red Larch early in the day and made a decision to secure accommodations before moving around the town and headed straight for the town’s primary inn, The Swinging Sword. While on their way Lady Siobhan Balindre of Thesk noticed some young ladies talking of a bath house and quickly became side tracked with the idea of a hot bath out here in the frontier and became separated from the rest of the group.

As the group entered the inn they met the proprietor Kaylessa Irkell who told the group that she could provide rooms but no substantial food and directed them across the street to the tavern known was, “The Helm at Highsun.” The good hearted cleric Mathius Niket told his friends he would handle the rooms and the rest of the group headed over to the tavern and were quickly seated and joined shortly there after by Mathius, after having secured their rooms. The party each placed their order and were quickly entertained by the antics of one Dimble ‘Badger’ Nyx who challenged Ragnar Eritan to a drinking match but with a few wiggled fingers he easily found himself at an advantage against the ever wobbly elf. With a good chuckle the gnome paid the elf his rightfully earned wagered gold and the party continued eating as Lady Siobhan, freshly cleaned and perfumed joined them. As they finished their dinner a grouchy halfling in the gear of a craftsman stumbled and knocked a mug to the ground sending shards ashew and cursing the party for clumsy and spitting in their direction before storming off. In a very polite and tactful manner Ogolavone Strongwalker sent a different mug sailing towards the back of the crude small creatures head, as the mug spun end over end the finger of Lady Siobhan grazed it as she attempted to stop it but in turn slightly altered it’s trajectory and sending it crashing into a waitress throwing her to the floor. Mathius ran to aid the fallen women while the halfling sneered and made his way out of the inn. At the same time a drunk Half-Orc Zomith started becoming belligerent towards the fallen woman and the Helm’s owner ran over and thanked Mathius for aiding his waitress and directed the guards to town Zomith to the jail, presuming her the culprit of the confrontation. As thanks the barkeep promised the entire party free food for a ten-day in return for the clerics kindness and assistance.

After this exciting event the party split up to go their own way and to explore the town a bit, after which they returned to the inn and were set upon by Kaylessa who inquired on the capabilities of the party. After being reassured she requested they inquire to a nearby location that, she suspected was the source of recent troubles in Red Larch, such as increase in monsters, banditry, and unusual weather disturbances and weather patterns. The party, after negotiating free rooms and a few more coins agreed to head off in that direction in the morning.

As the sun dawned the party found themselves on the road heading west according to the directions of the innkeeper and after being warned away by multiple signs stating that the place known as, “Lance Rock” was infected by a plague according to it’s “Lord” the party pushed into a cave at the base of the giant menhier and found a body right inside the entrance….while attempting to inspect the corpse for it’s cause of death it jerked into undeath and attempted to attack the party but was quickly put down. After looking deeper into the creature they found that it had been raised by some sort of necromancy magic and pushed deeper into the cave and through a good deal of skill Ragnar Eritan was able to discover some more zombies standing above the passage holding a large box of rocks, intending to to dump it onto invaders. With a quick discussion of tactics the party leapt into action and skillfully dodged the avalanche of stone and as the undead creatures, four in total, shuffled down from their perch and set upon the party they threw themselves back at the creatures with equal fury. As the tiny Badger’s stinging firebolts sizzled in and the hammer of the mighty Ogolavone came crashing down they struck all four zombies down and turned to gather themselves and looked to the left and right as they began lighting torches and trying to determine which passage would lead to this self proclaimed , “Lord of Lance Rock” who had……quite a good deal to answer for.

Pre-game Story

While in Waterdeep the party were hired by a city representative, you were told that the city was attempting to reclaim an old library that had fallen into disrepair after around a century ago during some magical plague of some sort that did great damage to the arcane community in the city and across the world. The party was being sent in to clear out any……undesirables prior to the city sending it clean up crews, organizers, and libraries to being the process of cataloging everything.

The party were escorted to the building and sent inside and the doors closed and locked behind them. As the party explored the area they found the library was in much worse shape than the word, “disrepair” had originally conveyed but they proceeded to move row to row and room to room attempting to find if anything had begun inhabiting the building since it’s last civilized usage. All was quiet until the party reached the 2nd level basement, where they party found the floor had become home to a family of Dust Mephits, who had likely destroyed thousands and thousands of hours of work to form their nest. After weeding through the mess and fighting off the pesky creatures they party was able to reclaim the main room sending the creatures fleeing to the far ends of the floor.

The party devised a plan to block the only route up to the rest of the library and then began moving room to room and clearing out the entire Mephit community over the course of many hours (with the occasional hour break here or there to recuperate). After searching the entire floor twice to ensure the pesky creatures didn’t have any hiding places they had missed the party returned to the main entrance and informed their employer that they had accomplished their mission. After having a trio of guards verify their work, each member was paid 100gp each.

Afterward the party returned as a group to a local inn where they all sat down to discuss their recent work and to decide if they wanted to go their own ways or if this partnership should be taken further. After all the food was eaten and the laughs at the Dust Mephit’s antics were exhausted Lady Siobhan Balindre of Thesk informed the party she had gotten into a ludicrous tug of war with a particularly stubborn Mephit over a very old looking scroll case while moving through one cluttered room and after she had killed the creature she had discovered the case held a map to a nearby area less than a tenday walk from Waterdeep called the Sumber Hills and that the map seemed to suggest there was an ancient dwarven stronghold beneath those hills called, “Tyar-Besil.”

After some discussions the party agreed they could head out there to at least take a look to see if they map was worth anything and if not they could go their separate ways from that point since it was along the main trading route known as the “Long Road” and could basically go anywhere from there.

As our story begins the party will be entering a small town called Red Larch along the “Long Road” that is a very common stop for caravans going up and down the trade way.


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