Character Building Guidelines

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To build your character you will start by rolling your stats using my standard rules of:

Roll 4d6 (in the server).
Reroll any 1’s that show up on the dice until you have no 1’s
Total up the 3 highest dice
That number equals 1 score, continue rolling as above until you have 6 scores.

Those 6 scores are 1 set, continue rolling until you have a total of 3 sets (of 6 scores).

When you’re down pick a set of scores, you cannot move scores between sets so you wan the set that is overall better not just with 1 good score.

You will be able to receive all equipment in the starting package and your background but in addition to that you will start with an additional 100gp to buy any equipment you desire before the start of the game.

This game will be starting at level 2 so you will need to level up your character 1 level after you finish building it.

Background and Character Development

Each player needs to do the following:

  1. Pick a god for your character to worship
    Gods of Forgotten Realms
  2. Pick (or roll) the: Personality Traits, Ideals, Bonds, and Flaws
  3. Write a background for your character that tells some of their basic background that made them who they are.

This will determine how you role play your character and it will be what I use, as the DM, to determine how to award Inspiration.

Character Building Guidelines

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